Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mma

Castle Hill, NSW


Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mma

Castle Hill, NSW


At Universal Combat Academy, We specialise in
Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial ArtS,
Pankration, Grappling and Vale Tudo.

Our Philosophy

To develop all students as individuals, both physically and mentally.
To create strong-willed, confident people through open-minded,
reality-based training.




Universal Combat Academy in Castle Hill was the first BJJ/MMA club in the Hills District. Club founder Simon Farnsworth is the area’s original home grown black belt. We have seven black belt instructors on the mat, also a first in the area, and therefore provide a unique and rich culture to enhance your learning experience. We are a modern day martial arts academy teaching traditional values along with cutting edge techniques.

Our vision is to develop better human beings in a fun, welcoming, family-friendly environment.


Simon Farnsworth



Simon started training in Boxing in 1983. After a few years training he moved onto Martial Arts.

Simon has trained and competed extensively in many styles of Martial Arts. In 1995 Simon commenced training in Shootfighting (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), where he has since trained in the Will-Machado system under the watchful eye of one of Australia's first homegrown Black Belt's & World Champion, Mr Anthony Lange.

A lifetime friendship has followed and Anthony continues as Simon’s long time BJJ / MMA coach and mentor. Along the way he has trained with many of the elite in the industry, including UFC and BJJ world champions.

Having competed in many styles himself, Simon, a former BJJ and Shootfighting champion, is considered to be on the cutting edge of modern martial arts training. Simon brings a very open-minded and unique style of teaching to the mat and welcomes all styles, from beginners to advanced students to his club.

Simon credits most of his achievements to the support of his loving wife Belinda, and considers passing on his knowledge to his dedicated son and students to be among the most satisfying in his life.

Ranks and Accreditation

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Black Belt 3rd Degree

Mixed Martial Arts - Black Belt 3rd Degree

Pankration - Black Belt 2nd Degree

Freestyle - Black Belt 4th Degree

Taekwondo - 1st Degree Black Belt



Government Accredited Instructor

NCAS - Level 2

Sports Coaching - Certificate 4

Senior First Aid

MAA Certified Coach : Industry Qualified Instructor


Dave Ward

Assistant Coach

Dave is an extremely skilled coach with a lifetime of martial arts experience, and also specialises in MMA pad work out.

Luke Farnsworth

Assistant Coach

1st degree Black Belt & one of NSW's original grapplers, a high level competitor in the 1990’s. Luke also has extensive knowledge in the striking arts.

Rob Sabaruddin

No-Gi BJJ / MMA Coach

A former Pro MMA fighter and fierce grappling competitor. Rob has a long list of national and international titles. His No Gi classes are highly sought after.

Kris Nubla

Assistant Coach

A very technical and experienced grappler, with a focus for passing on his exceptional knowledge. Kris has trained and competed extensively all around the world.


Kirk Sicard

Beginners / Kids Coach

A highly motivated and talented grappling coach with a passion for helping his students, Kirk is on the frontier of modern day coaching methods.

Garry Jack

BJJ Black Belt

BJJ and NRL legend, Garry is one of the clubs duel BJJ/MMA Black Belts and brings a very unique and diverse skill set to our mat.


Training at Universal

Training at Universal

Unleash Your Potential

Here at Universal, we believe that all people are individuals and should be treated as such. After learning the basics and building a strong understanding of the arts, we encourage students to experiment with their techniques and develop their own individual styles.

Unlike most traditional martial arts that have been teaching the masses of people to stand, punch, kick etc. exactly the same way for thousands of years, we are a modern-day Martial Arts academy that teaches cutting-edge training methods. You will still learn all the same qualities that a traditional Martial Arts academy has to offer - Self-Defence, Confidence, Respect, Fitness, Flexibility, Strength - but we combine the latest training methods to accelerate the learning process.

You will be amazed at how quickly your potential will be unleashed and you will be on your way to a new level of skill, confidence and fitness that will change your life forever.

Our mindset is never on winning - your opponents capabilities are out of your control. 

Only your own capabilities are within your own control, so we always focus on achieving your personal best. 

Our motto is, "Don't worry about being better than everyone else, instead just try to be better
than yourself”.


Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens

A fun and exciting program formulated especially for 5 to 13 year olds.

Freestyle Martial Arts with an emphasis on grappling, your child will learn realistic self-defence skills and fun games designed to enhance co-ordination and awareness.

Your child will not only reap the benefits of martial arts training, they will also learn essential skills that can be carried into everyday life. Scientific studies show that children involved in regular sporting activities are more likely to succeed in life.

Some of the benefits they will receive are:     

  • Increased concentration
  • Anti-Bullying skills
  • Stranger danger awareness
  • Fitness
  • Weight control
  • Self defence
  • Self Esteem & Respect
  • Strength & flexibility

Advanced and Mature children also allowed in Wednesday classes, by Instructors invitation only. See timetable for details.

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